Our Customer Commitment

Mar 3, 2023 | Client Stories, Customer Service, Mission, Small Business

We know our customers — especially entrepreneurs and small business owners — put their hearts and souls into their businesses. We know because 25 years ago, Fire Protection Services began as a passion project, a small home-based business run by two friends and former firefighters. As our business has grown over the years, we continue to work hard every day to provide our customers with industry-leading products and services to help them prepare for the unexpected. When it comes to fire protection, it’s about more than just checking a box. It’s about protecting what matters most to your business — your people, your property, and your assets.

Across the Northeast, our facilities actively work to maintain a full stock of our fire protection products. When our customers are ready to invest in new systems or upgrade outdated equipment, we want to make sure shipping delays or supply chain issues don’t get in the way. In addition, our team has the tools, spare parts, and know-how to keep our customers’ systems well-maintained and running smoothly, without the need to contact outside vendors or service technicians.

The best way to sum up our commitment to our customers is to read their stories for yourself. Here are two small businesses that our team went above and beyond to serve:

First-Time Brewery Owner

One of our customers was an entrepreneur looking to open their first brewery in a rural area. After realizing the customer was on a budget, our technicians at Empire Fire Protection Services went the distance to assist the customer in saving as much money as possible. They spent hours brainstorming and discussing alternative solutions within the internal team and with the customer. In the end, our team at Empire was able to find alternative methods to bring the new brewery facility up to code. Our customer and their local AHJ were pleased with the results and the brewery building was cleared to safely open.

New Rochester-area Restaurant Owner

A Rochester, NY-based entrepreneur was looking to open a new restaurant in the heart of the city. When it came to industrial kitchen fire protection, they didn’t know where to begin. Our team at Empire went out of its way to schedule meetings with the local fire marshal and the restaurant owner to discuss exactly what would be needed to bring the restaurant into compliance. As a result, the site met all of its deadlines, ensuring a smooth grand opening for the restaurant owner.

Empire Fire Protection Service is built on 25 years of industry experience and knowledge. Our staff hold numerous state and local certifications and are highly trained in specialized fire safety applications, such as commercial kitchens and large-scale industrial facilities. Our goal is to provide each one of our customers with a comprehensive, safe, and effective fire protection plan.

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