Automatic fire sprinklers are widely recognized as the single most effective method for fighting the spread of fires in their early stages – before they can cause severe injury to people and damage to property.

It’s hard to believe these basic systems have been around since 1874. Thankfully, you’ll get our up-to-date expertise and experience to complete fire sprinkler system inspections, perform repairs, and make minor changes to your commercial building’s structure to ensure your fire sprinkler system is performing optimally. We are certified to perform annual and quarterly fire sprinkler inspection services based on your local authority and jurisdiction requirements.

Empire Fire Protection Services will perform fire sprinkler system inspections in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines, NFPA Standard 25, and the local AHJ. We are also NICET certified.

We perform fire sprinkler inspection services for commercial facilities on:

  • Dry System
  • Wet System
  • Pre Action System
  • Deluge System

Empire Fire Protection Services will test your fire alarm components attached to your fire sprinkler system quarterly. We will complete 3 quarterly inspections and 1 annual inspection per year. We can also perform annual and five year fire sprinkler system inspections.

Annual and Five Year Fire Sprinkler Inspections include:

  • Inspect fire department connection (FDC)
  • Inspect riser for leaks, ensure bracing is intact and control valves are in proper position
  • Inspect gauges for damage and ensure 3-way test valve is present and open
  • Inspect and test water flow switch and alarm bell for proper operation
  • Operate control valves and check that they are secure, and open/shut indicators are working
  • Inspect isolation valves
  • Inspect fire sprinkler heads for leaks, paint, and corrosion or flow obstruction; confirm required sprinkler heads and wrench are on site
  • Inspect main drain and test for static PSI before, residual PSI during and static PSI after
  • Sample test sprinkler heads at specific intervals in conjunction with Underwriters Laboratories
  • Specialized inspections of fire pumps
  • At the five-year inspection, internally inspect check valves, cross mains and remote branch lines for obstruction and corrosion
  • Maintain and repair failed components in compliance with strict manufacturer’s guidelines

We pride ourselves on customer service and quality work. To better serve our customers in New York and Pennsylvania, we have a dedicated 24/7 service for fire sprinkler system emergencies such as fire sprinkler pipes or sprinkler heads freezing. We are always ready for your call!