Fire Alarm Monitoring

Fire alarm monitoring allows for secure and rapid communication between your fire alarm system and emergency services. When your fire alarm is triggered, a signal is sent to a dispatch center that will alert the fire department in case of an emergency.

Commercial Fire Alarm Monitoring Services

We offer fire alarm monitor installation or fire alarm panel reprogramming services to our commercial customers. According to NFPA 101 regulations, commercial buildings have varying fire alarm monitoring requirements. However, we recommend always having a reliable fire alarm monitoring system in place to automatically alert fire services in case of an emergency.

All fire alarm systems require an annual fire alarm inspection that we can complete as well for an additional cost. During this inspection, we test battery life, inspect for tampering, and verify that the system is fully operational.

Cellular Phone Monitoring

We offer cellular phone monitoring services, allowing you to remove your outdated phone lines and save money on your monthly bill at the same time. Cellular signals are received in a matter of seconds and require no additional wiring or cables.

When a fire alarm is triggered, the signal is transmitted to the cellular monitoring system, which then dispatches the fire department directly to your location, which can mean all the difference in an emergency situation.

A fire alarm monitoring system is fully automatic and can protect your building and company regardless of the day or time.
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