Special Hazard Fire Protection Systems

What are Special Hazards?

Special hazards include any area that contains valuable equipment, resources, assets, information, or property that are irreplaceable or of extremely high value. Special hazard areas require specialized fire protection coverage.

Common examples of special hazards include:

  • Data/ telecommunication centers
  • Paint booths
  • Record/ information rooms
  • Gas Stations
  • Machinery spaces and more!

It is essential that special hazard areas have the proper fire protection systems in place to mitigate loss.

Special Hazard Fire Protection Systems

Empire Fire Protection Services’ special hazard fire protection services can help keep your valuable business resources and assets safe. All special hazard fire protection systems need to be regularly inspected to ensure they comply with the NFPA and your insurance company’s requirements. We offer special hazard fire protection inspection services to ensure your equipment is operating properly. These inspections need to be performed every six months.

Our Special Hazard Fire Protection Systems include:

  • CO2 suppression
  • Clean agent systems (Halon, FM-200, Inergen, Novec 1230, etc)
  • Dry chemical suppression
  • Foam water suppression
  • Explosion suppression/isolation systems
  • Gas Station Systems
  • IT Rooms
  • MRI Units
  • Vehicle Suppression